we curate and sell products with values. made by people with spines.

with highest respect to the plants, people and the planet.

we design products and build brands at the intersection of science, culture and social impact.

we nurture nature. we profit from the well-being of our customers.

we break trends, taboos and stigmas. then we walk tall, show off, to allow others to do the same. that's freedom.

we celebrate the whole spectrum of humanity, love, moods, feels, ugly, pretty and pretty smart.

we aspire to be 'good people'. but we definitely are 'growing people'. 




what we do welcome to our purpose driven online marketplace. or at least that's what we want to grow up to be. right now we're selling products by two brands (one for feels and one for feminism). but we're planning to include more. watch this space! 

who we are this company is founded by two of Berlin's most rebelle female entrepreneurs: Kaddie Rothe and Tina Ateljevic - as part of the Berlin based female business collective goalgirls.



co-creation / social impact / activism 


the new normal we want our company to be human, it learns from mistakes, says sorry, changes direction, has a spine, takes risks, expands, makes friends, loses friends, invests, has intense emotions, stretches horizontally, explodes vertically, grows organically - whatever it would morph and evolve into, it should feel #human - it should make everyone working with us feel alive and in the right place. every product here has been developed in co-creation, every brand has the heartbeat of passionate people.

grow with us follow thefeelgoods.shop or drop us an e-mail hey@feel-goods.com


if you're interested in joining our purpose brand community and selling your products on this platform: find out all about it here.



welcome to this hybrid of a think tank and marketplace. shop and feel goods.